Dr. Hope Starkman MD

Dr. Hope Starkman MD

Hope Starkman, M.D. ,  a Boynton Beach Rheumatologist, has been practicing acupuncture and treating patients with acupuncture for arthritis for many years. She studied acupuncture at University of Miami. Dr Starkman intended to provide her Boynton Beach patients with an alternative to traditional medication and with special consideration to Boynton Beach arthritis patients who were not able to tolerate many of their medications. Dr. Hope Starkman, a Boynton Beach Rheumatologist, uses acupuncture to treat chronic and acute pain involving multiple joints and also pain involving the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

Dr Starkman uses acupuncture to treat spinal stenosis related pain, migraines, asthma and many other conditions which are often difficult to treat and have disappointing responses to traditional medical treatments. Dr Starkman is also able to offer her Boynton Beach patients acupuncture for weight control, smoking cessation, infertility and other addiction related medical issues. Dr. Starkman’s Boynton Beach practice  offers her  arthritis patients a combination of traditional  and state of the art rheumatologic care,  in addition to acupuncture. Dr Starkman is board certified in rheumatology and is very knowledgeable with respect to current treatment options for rheumatologic conditions. She strongly believes that the outcomes of her treatments can be optimized with the simultaneous use of acupuncture.

Many studies show that acupuncture can improve the outcome of infertility treatment by up to 30 percent and Boynton Beach Board certified Physician is one of the few MD’s in Palm Beach County that can help patients augmenting their infertility treatment with acupuncture.

Dr Starkman has been successful treating Boynton Beach patients who have not been assisted with traditional treatments for knee pain, hip pain, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis related pain, sometimes after just a few treatments.

Dr. Starkman’s website has a link to an article that she wrote describing what acupuncture is and some explanations as to how it can be helpful. Please feel free to visit that link.

If you have already “done it all” with respect to modern medical treatments and if you would like to try a different approach or add acupuncture to your current treatment regimen, consider letting Dr. Starkman help you now. Call Dr. Starkman at 561-736-9699.