Dr Hope Starkman Injection Shoulder -Anterior Approach

Aspiration and Injection Knee in Patient

Trigger finger injection by Dr. Hope Starkman (Rheumatologist)

Instructions For Patients After Corticosteroid Injections

It is normal to feel sore after receiving a steroid injection for 1-2 days. Also it is not uncommon to have a small bruise or black and blue area after an injection. Also it is normal for it to take up until one week to see significant improvement after receiving a steroid injection

Most of the soreness and even some of the bruising can be alleviated with the use of ice t the site for a few minutes on site and a few minutes off site as needed thru the day of and day following injection.

Please notify your physician if:

  1. Pain continues after more than one day
  2. Site is red, hot more swollen after one day
  3. If you develop fever or shaking chills after injection unrelated to a separate infection
  4. If you have bleeding that will not stop at injection site
  5. If you develop a rash immediately after or a day or so after injection at the site or elsewhere that you have never had before